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Who we are?

Weedon depot is the business hub of The Royal Ordnance Depot.The collective group of businesses that occupy the historical site. they range from industrial workshops dedicated to manufacturing , race car workshops artisan theatre and art Gallery bookshops Antiques boxing and fitness centers and much more

The Royal Ordnance Depot have huge multi million pound investment plans for hotels and leisure our aim is to meet their expectations with open days that bring history to life working together for a better future


our vision of a fantastic place to work is not a dream it is a very real.


The tenants have the opportunity to organize another open day at the depot. The royal ordnance depot owners are going to give the depot free of charge to show off what we do. The last open day was very special and drew huge crowds and from all over the country the exhibitiors showing cars and vintage trucks military vehicles.
This is your chance to show, get together and share your passion. If you want to show your car just follow this link and join in or send your email address to info@weedondepot.co.uk
And you will be added to the news letter . Take a look at last year’s pictures impressive collection.
thanks Dave


Weedon depot has everything growing businesses needs.


this historic site hosts some fantastic businesses and offers great opportunities 

The tenants organize yearly events that celebrate the past and present with our eyes firmly fixed on the future.


Sara spade and the noisy boys a jazz quartet were playing the Saturday afternoon slot where the were gobsmackingly good ,songs from the 20s 30s and 40s including her own songs they played like she was still on the Jools Holland show the very humble down to earth ukulele lady smashed it, they stayed to watch the mighty ska band Ruder Than U


Sunday 2017 the Kalamazoo big band blasted the depot with the big band sound of the 1940 swing playing legendary music from Glen miller and Count Basie the swing time dancers were in their element it was a fantastic evening of great music they have booked themselves for the 2018 they enjoyed it so much


The mighty sounds of ska music rocked weedon on the Saturday night , the Coventry based band which were formed for the stage show three minute heroes a play about the sounds of Coventry in th

The garrison evolution band

The local band which gig regularly in the village and surrounding area were our house band for the weekend, playing music from all eras of the British music scene played Saturday and Sunday welcoming all the bands onto their stage .

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What people are saying

Thank you for putting on an Excellent Event . Well done all those who put lots of time and effort into this years open day .

Fantastic weekend. Great time had by all  thank you

Kal Vaikla
Kal Vaikla I agree, a great weekend Dave and we thoroughly enjoyed playing there on the Sunday – I think there is huge potential to really increase the size of this event – happy to chat with you

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